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Our Educational Site

Welcome to our Website devoted to White Mountain art and to the artists who painted in the White Mountains of New Hampshire during the 19th century.  The purpose of this site is strictly educational and non-commercial.  Our goal is to share information with others who have an interest in White Mountain art.  We encourage you to share the information we have on our site with others but please ensure that you adhere to our conditions of use.


Scene Identification

We strive for accuracy in the identification of these scenes, because we believe the artists themselves were very accurate in their depictions of the topography of the landscape.  We sometimes include annotated topographical features of the mountains depicted.  If you believe our identifications are inaccurate, please send us an e-mail with your comments.  We are also seeking additional images of paintings as well as up-to-date biographical information and source material on the more than 400 painters who were known to have painted in the White Mountains in the 19th century. 



If you have an interest in White Mountain art, please register with us.  We will keep you informed about changes to our site as well as up-to-date information on White Mountain Art and Artists.  If it has been some time since you last registered, please register again.  The most important piece of information is your e-mail address.  We have found a number of such addresses that are no longer valid.  So, please register to ensure that we have your current information so that you can receive our latest information.


Site Navigation

You can navigate our site using the links to the left of every page.  For a brief history of White Mountain art, check out the history link.  You may view our virtual image galleries by artist using artist galleries or by subject using subject galleries.  Or, get biographical information by artist using artist biographies.  If you have visited before, just press what's new for the latest information added to the site.  If you have a particular interest, use site search to find information we might have.  For more detailed instructions on using this site, please click on help.


User-Supplied Information

Do you have images of White Mountain paintings or biographical information on the painters?  Just send any information you have to 1 Harbour Place, Suite 4E, Portsmouth, NH 03801, and we will review the information for possible additions to our site.  Or, better yet, e-mail usIf your information is used, we will list your name on our acknowledgments page.  You can also choose to remain anonymous.  For a detailed discussion of our criteria for providing images and/or information about White Mountain artists, please read our visitor supplied information page.


Virtual Exhibition and Bibliography

Many exhibitions are supported in virtual form well after the actual exhibition has ended.  Check out these exhibitions.  Useful, related sites can be found under links to other sites.  For further research, we provided an extensive bibliography.



We hope you enjoy this site devoted to White Mountain Art & Artists.

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