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Charles Osgood (1809-1890)

Charles Osgood was born in Salem, MA on February 24, 1809.  It is not known from whom Osgood received his training, but he made his living as a portraitist until 1863.  It can be conjectured that the advent of the daguerreotype and the photograph created serious inroads on the business of the average portraitist and caused Osgood and others to try a hand at landscapes.  Interestingly, Osgood never included figures in his very distinctive landscapes.  The Essex Institute catalog wrote that Osgood "did not achieve any great warmth of color in these paintings."

One signed White Mountain painting is listed by Campbell - Mount Chocorua, oil on canvas, 7.5 x 11.75 inches, private collection (1975).


Charles Osgood
New Hampshire Scenery