Photo Comparisons

How true were the artists to the actual views in the White Mountains of New Hampshire?  The links in the table below allow you to view actual photographs compared to paintings by the artists listed.  You can see for yourself how accurate the artists were in their depictions of these White Mountain scenes.

Adams/Sylvester Phelps Hodgdon
Carter Notch/Shapleigh
Chocorua/William F. Paskell
Chocorua & South Moat/Alfred Thompson Bricher
Chocorua & South Moat/Benjamin Champney
Eagle Cliff/Sylvester Phelps Hodgdon
Eagle Cliff/Thomas Hill
Elephant's Head/Shapleigh
Franconia Notch/George Albert Frost
Franconia Notch/Samuel Lancaster Gerry
Franconia Notch/Thomas Hill
Great Gulf/NicolayTysland Leganger
Hotel on Kearsarge/Newcomb
Jackson Falls/Benjamin Champney
Kearsarge/Benjamin Champney
Kearsarge/John Ross Key
Kearsarge/Alfred T. Ordway
Moat/Benjamin Champney
Moat/Frank Henry Shapleigh
ThePool/Thomas Hill
Tuckerman's Ravine/Samuel Lancaster Gerry
Washington/Alexander Helwig Wyant

Washington/Aaron Draper Shattuck

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