Robert A. Goldberg (1918-1997)

Robert A. Goldberg (1918-1997)

This site is dedicated to the memory of Robert A. Goldberg, who gave tirelessly of his time to educate the uninitiated to the wonders of the 19th century art of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Special thanks to my friend and co-author, Roger Belson, who has been a major contributor in our efforts to make this the definitive source of information on the art of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Thanks to the many individuals and organizations who have helped make this site better than the authors could have ever anticipated. Without your help, our site would not have been possible. We cannot thank you enough.

Contributors to White Mountain Art and Artists
In alphabetical order …

Agora Gallery
Nanny Almquist
Ruth S. Anderson
Roberta Baumgartner
Don Berry
Roberta Bordanaro
Sue Handy Burdick
Eliza Burton
Ben Clark
Suzanne Clements
Grace Cohen
Thomas Cole National Historic Site
Connecticut Historical Society
Conway Historical Society
Douglas Copeley
Tim Curnen
The Currier Museum of Art
Mary Dakin
Mark A. Davis
William R. Davis
David Findlay Fine Art
Joan Desmarais
Edward Gates
Ted Gegoux
Eve Gregory
Elizabeth Hamilton
Carol Harbour
Jeffrey M. Hardin
Nancy Harmon
Edson Harrington
Hartman K. Harris
John Harris (deceased)
Bert Hart
Peter Hassrick
Joan Ruud Henderson
Karen McGuire Henderson
Scott Meyers Henderson
Sarah E. Henrich
Dr. Michel and Victoria Hersen
Hirschl & Adler Galleries
Nancy Hill Holguin
Mark Humpal
Richard Kenney
Erik Koeppel
Peter Kostoulakos
Jennifer Krieger, Hawthorne Fine Art
Peter LaFreniere
David Larrabee
Jim and Alison Lovett
Mary Lublin
Sharon Frerichs Magee
Judith Mastromarino
David L. Meyers
Michael Mooney
Cornelia C. Moynihan
Newington-Cropsey Foundation
New Hampshire Historical Society
Marie O’Brian
William Orcutt
Alan Pennie
Glen Pierce
Deborah C. Pollack
William Powers
Alice Proctor
Questroyal Fine Art, LLC
Richardson-Clarke Gallery
Sam and Sheila Robbins
David Robinson
Jonathan M. Sachs
Jerome H. Saltzer
Warren and Leslie Schomaker
Forrest Seavey
Louis A. Starr
Paul Stein
Melinda Young Stuart
John R. Sullivan (deceased)
Mary Thow
Joey and Bob Tuveson
Rob Upton
William Vareika Fine Arts
Elliot Vesell
Martha Vincent
Charles O. Vogel
William Weiting
Peg Whitehouse
David G. Wright
Vivian F. Zoe

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