Albert Gallatin Hoit (1808-1856)

Albert Gallatin Hoit was born in Sandwich, NH on December 13, 1809. He seems to have been a self-taught artist, although he did receive a college education at Dartmouth. For ten years he traveled in Maine and the Maritimes, traveling twice to Europe, and finally settling in Boston in 1839. He was considered a fine and popular enough artist for The Crayon to print an obituary, and for the Boston Athenaeum to exhibit his works posthumously. He died suddenly, leaving his wife with three young children.

Hoit exhibited at the Boston Athenaeum from 1840 to 1855 and posthumously from 1857 to 1869.

This is his obituary as published in The Crayon of January, 1857, page 29.

“It pains us to be obliged to record the death of Albert G. Hoit, of Boston. Mr. Hoit died on Friday, December 19th, of dropsy, after a confinement of several months. The late hour at which we receive this intelligence limits us to the simple announcement. We can only add that we mourn the loss of one of the best and truest of men, as well as the loss of an artist, who lived and died an honor to the profession. He sincerely loved Art, and labored faithfully in his calling.”

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