Ann Sophia Towne Darrah (1819-1881)


Ann Sophia Towne Darrah was a pupil of Paul Weber. She was a competent artist whose long career included executing pastel portraits, landscapes, and marine views. Her later works were done in plein air.

In 1858 she took part in the Bierstadt Exhibition in New Bedford, Massachusetts. She exhibited at the Boston Athenaeum from 1855 to 1865 and at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts from 1856 to 1867.

In 1867 Darrah moved to Boston where she exhibited at the 1879 Contemporary Art Exhibit at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Sixty oils and 202 watercolors and charcoals were exhibited at a memorial exhibition of her work at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 1882.

New Hampshire Scenery