Cornelia Guion Drake Cobb (1824-1901)

Cornelia Guion Drake Cobb was born May 14, 1824 in Watertown, NY. She married Lyman H. Cobb, Jr. on November 4, 1845 in Little Falls, Herkimer, NY. For 51 years, she and her husband were residents of Yonkers, NY. She died September 14, 1901 in Ferrisburg, Chittenden, VT.

According to Ruth S. Anderson, a direct descendent, Cornelia was “a wonderful painter.” Many of her paintings are still owned by some of the family. She often did not sign her works, but a rare signature is shown below.

She exhibited at the American Art Union in 1849 and the National Academy of Design in 1855 and 1872. The title of her work exhibited in 1872 was Mount Lafayette, establishing her as a White Mountain artist, and she is listed as Mrs. L. Cobb, Jr.


New Hampshire Scenery
Ruth S. Anderson