Nicolay Tysland Leganger (1832- after 1896)


Little is known of Leganger except that he was active in both New York City and Boston. He exhibited at the Brooklyn Art Association between 1871 and 1882. He also exhibited at the National Academy of Design in 1891, giving his address as Newton Center, MA. His work was represented at an important sale of paintings at Noyes and Blakeslee in Boston, December 1880. There is a discrepancy in his date of death, generally given as 1894, since a painting of his is dated on the back as having been executed in 1896.

He is referenced in a book by F. T. Robinson titled Living New England Artists (Boston, 1888).

White Mountain paintings of Tamworth, NH include: On the Meadows, Tamworth (1891), Afternoon at Tamworth (1894), and Summer Afternoon, South Tamworth (1896). He is also known to have done paintings of Mount Chocorua, Newfound Lake, and the summit of Mount Washington. His New Hampshire paintings are dated as early as 1884.


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