Visitor Supplied Information

We welcome information from our visitors, and some of our best source material has come from them. So, if you have information about White Mountain artists and/or images of White Mountain paintings, we would like to you to contact us. We will attempt to provide you with information related to the subject and/or authorship of your works, and in return we reserve the right to use images to improve our knowledge of White Mountain art.

Attributions as to subject and artist are sometimes problematic. We strive to provide the most accurate information possible on our site, because we have found that books and other publications sometimes unwittingly publish incorrect information which tends to get repeated by others. We want visitors to be able to rely on our site as being the definitive White Mountain Art site. We respectfully reserve the right to determine if the subject is a New Hampshire subject based on recognizable geographic features or study of any inscriptions on the painting. If the authorship of the painting is questionable due to lack of a convincing signature or is of a style which is not typical of the artist, we may choose not to use the image — to err on the side of being as accurate as possible. Sometimes, when the painting is not typical of the artist, an accurate assessment cannot be made without viewing the painting in person. We are willing to do this, but it is not always possible. Provenances or prior publications when available will be very helpful.

When submitting an image of a painting, we need, at a minimum, the following information. The size of the canvas, the medium (oil on canvas, oil on board, watercolor, etc.), the exact signature including any punctuation, dates, capitalizations, and location on the canvas (e.g. lower left), any inscriptions front and/or back, and any exhibition or publication history. If there are inscriptions we would like a good image of the inscription as well.

We also will only use images which are of high photographic quality and resolution. We prefer TIFF images, but high quality JPG may be submitted. The largest dimension of the image must be at least 800 pixels in resolution. We will also allow photographs to be submitted, and we will convert the photos to digital images. In certain cases, the authors are prepared to view the painting and take digital images for use on our site.

If we accept your information, you can choose to be acknowledged on our Acknowledgments page. Or, you can choose to remain anonymous.

Thank you all!